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Lankesteriana Celebrates Carl Luer’s 95th Birthday.

With 21 papers almost exclusively devoted to the Pleurothallidinae, the recently published August fascicle of Lankesteriana - International Journal on Orchidology (vol. 17, no. 2) celebrates the 95th birthday of Carlyle A. Luer, a true legend in the history of orchid research. The newly released issue of the journal is homage to the botanical career of the author who, during the last 42 years, tripled the number of known Pleurothallids. In an introductory chapter dedicated to “The era of Carlyle Luer”, Adam P. Karremans and Nicolas Davin resumed the revolution in the knowledge and understanding of the species belonging to the subtribe since the publication of Luer’s first Icones Pleurothallidinarum in 1975. When Luer came into the scene, after more than two hundred years of Pleurothallidinae history, there were just about 1,650 accepted species in the subtribe. Today there are 5,114 currently accepted species belonging to the Pleurothallidinae, and Luer described almost 3,000 of these!


With the exception of a paper by Stig Dalström, who dedicated to Carl and Jane Luer, “the most prolific orchid research couple the world has ever known”, describing a new species in the Oncidiinae (Cyrtochilum luerorum), the other papers of this issue of Lankesteriana strictly deal with Carl’s beloved group of the Pleurothallids. Forty-two authors present their papers as a “gift” to Luer for his birthday, describing new species in the genera Andinia, Brachionidium, Diodonopsis, Echinosepala, Lepanthes, Masdevallia, Platystele, Pleurothallis, Scaphosepalum, Stelis and Teagueia, and discussing future potential range changes for some groups in the Pleurothallidinae.


This issue can be dowloaded for free from the current-issue page of the Lankesteriana website (http://www.lankesteriana.org/current%20new.htm). A limited number of hard copies of this issue, priced at $10.00 each, can be obtained by contacting the Lankesteriana Editorial Assistant, Noelia Belfort, at noelia.belfort@ucr.ac.cr.

— Franco Pupulin Editor-in-Chief, Lankesteriana



Fuente: Revista ORCHIDS, Bulletin of the American Orchid Society, fascículo de octubre de 2017.